Friends and supporters

Flyability works with the BHPA, clubs and schools to make hang gliding and paragliding accessible to disabled people. There are many other types of flying available with dedicated charities and organisations to get disabled people flying. This page gives some links and information about these organisations.


Microlights are lightweight aircraft that typically come in two types. Flexwing microlights have a hang glider type wing with a powered trike hanging underneath. Fixed wing microlights look like small, lightweight planes. Microlighting in the UK is overseen by the British Microlight Aircraft Association.

The APT Charitable Trust teach disabled people to fly adapted fixed wing microlights from Old Sarum Airfield near Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Gliding (also known as flying Sailplanes)

Gliding in the UK is overseen by the British Gliding Association. The BGA have information for disabled pilots available on their website.

Walking on Air is a charity with adapted gliders based at the Scottish Gliding Centre, Portmoak Airfield that trains disabled people to fly gliders.

Aeroplanes/Light aircraft

Aerobility is a charity that has a fleet of adapted training aircraft (mainly Piper Warrior 161) which are used to offer subsidised flights and training to disabled people. They operate mainly from Blackbushe (on the Hampshire/Surrey border), Tatenhill in the Midlands, and Prestwick in Scotland. They also fly from many other airfields on temporary detachment.

Flying Scholarships for Disabled People offer scholarships to help disabled people train to the point of solo flight with the potential to gain a Private Pilots Licence.


The British Balloon and Airship Club oversees the training of balloon pilots.

Balloning Access is a company that offers balloon flights in a basket adapted for wheelchair users.

Aerobility are also able to offer Balloon Flight Training specifically for disabled people.

Model Aircraft and Drones

The British Model Flying Association and British Association of Radio Control Soarers can provide more information on flying model aircraft in your area.

The Martin Wing is a radio controlled glider designed by a hangglider pilot to help free flyers improve their flying.