Sanderson Paragliding Wheelchairs

This is the simplest and purest solution to the immediate identified problem of conducting dual flights with people with lower limb mobility impairments. The problem to the individual and the pilot was: “How do you prevent non functional limbs getting damaged or causing the pilot to trip on take off and landing”?

This buggy simply lifted them out the way. It is simple, cheap lightweight and effective. Of all the paragliding buggies this one is one of the best to handle in the air due to its lightweight and centre of gravity being closest to a standard pilot.

Flyability holds a stock of Mark 2 Sanderson Paragliding Wheelchairs (often called “buggies”). The Mark 2 took the best features of the Mark 1 (which was a low profile cradle) and added in long flexible legs for a more upright flying position. The legs add in manoeuvrability for take off and landing as well as some suspension.

These are our most commonly used buggies for tandem flights and have also been used for cross country and solo flying by qualified pilots.