Donate through eBay

You can now donate the proceeds of your eBay sales directly to Flyability. This page explains how to do this step by step.

To get started you will need an eBay account and to click on the “Sell” link at the top of the page. All of the images on this page can be made larger by clicking on them.

1. This should then take you to a page like the image on the right. On this page you need to click on the “Advanced Tool” link (highlighted in red in the image).

2. Once you’ve done this you should follow the eBay instructions to add the information about the item that you are selling.

Make-a-Donation screenshot

3. When you get down to the section about Price there is an option titled “Make a Donation” (see the second image to the right).

4. When you tick the “Make a Donation” box some further options will appear.

5. You need to adjust the percentage donation to the amount you would like to donate (see the third image on the right).

6. You then need to click on the link titled “Or select another charity you love”. This will bring up a new window with a search box.

7. Type “Flyability” in the search box and click “Go”.

8. When Flyability appears in the results click on the blue “Select” button on the right hand side.

Final make a donation

9. You will then be returned to your item listing which will have the finished Donation Information like the example in the final image on the right of this page.