In May Andrew got to fly with the twins

Andrew from

We had an amazing time this morning introducing 3 people to the skies at Swyre hill. It was pretty breezy but once up we had all the space and height and views we could ask for. Two of my passengers were amazing twins both of whom are quadriplegic. We used Flyability’s Handivol buggy – by far the best one we’ve used. Massive thanks to my team of volunteer assistants without whom we simply would not have been able to do this – Roy, Richard, Bob and John.
Afterwards, as a bonus I was able to fly home after though by then it was more than just a bit breezy (without bar I was going backwards). What a day!

These flights were only possible because of our Handivol Paragliding Wheelchair (paid for through crowdfunding and sponsorship from Cross Country Magazine and TrackHat) which has a much more supportive flying position than our other Paragliding Wheelchairs.