Solomon’s flight with Airworks

Solomon achieved his aspiration to fly like a bird on Easter Sunday morning 2022, soaring in thermal lift above the Cuckmere River at Alfriston, skilfully piloted in tandem harness by Steve Purdie of Airworks.

Conditions were very fine, Solomon reported being able to see as far as the Isle of Wight and other paragliders flying at Beachy Head.

Solomon takes these thrilling adventures fearlessly in his stride without hesitation, his principal concern on returning to earth was not to have missed elevenses. The benefit of engaging in such activities gives him a sense of confidence and achievement beyond that of many of his more able teenage peers. To watch him clipping in to harness, looking a little apprehensive but courageously willing to be launched off the estuary escarpment is rewarding for a father once told apologetically by the paediatrician after his birth, that he wouldn’t achieve much.

We both thank you, your donors and Steve Purdie for supporting him engage with this activity and inspiring him to believe anything he sees others doing is open to his participation.